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[ September 13, 2018 ]

How to choose the right wheelbarrow?

Tray capacity:


  • Three tray sizes are available;4CBF, 5CBF, 6CBF, 7CBF, 10CBF. Choose the size that you think will best suit your needs

  •  Choosing a sturdy large capacity (7 CBF) wheelbarrow is recommended. There are many lighter, large capacity loads, such as mulch where the extra capacity will save trips

  •  If you feel your strength is limited, partly fill the barrow when moving heavier loads

  •  If regularly carrying heavy loads such as wet soil or sand, choosing an 80 litre wheelbarrow may limit the chance of overloading the barrow with more weight than you can push and lift.

  •  Slimline wheelbarrows are designed for restricted access areas or indoor use on building sites with a narrow tray design to easily pass through door openings or tight access paths


Tray material:

Three different tray types are available; Plastic (Poly), powder coated Steel and Galvanised Steel. 

  •  Polypropylene or Polyethylene:

 Lighter than the equivalent Steel Tray

 Suited to corrosive loads such as fertiliser or animal manure

 Popular for concreting as dried concrete can be removed from the TRAY by hitting the outside of the tray with a rubber mallet

 Polyethylene trays offer premium strength and better impact resistance over polypropylene

  •  Powder Coated Steel

 Powder coated steel is suitable for a wide range of uses

 Strength does not degrade through constant UV exposure

 Can provide a higher level of damage resistance than plastic

  •  Galvanised Steel:

 Higher level of rust resistance

 Recommended for carting bricks and building materials that would scratch and damage a powder coated steel finish



Two types of handles are available, steel or timber.

Steel Handles:

Offer a high level of strength and longevity

•Are less susceptible to breakage through impact and dropping of wheelbarrows

•Galvanised Steel handles offer greater rust resistance over powder coated handles

Timber Handles:

Can offer a more comfortable grip than steel handles

•Do not heat up when used on hot days

•Are preferred by tradespeople when carting loads for long periods as the flex and ‘give’ of the timber handles reduces the transferred strain on the upper body


Pneumatic (pump-up) tyres provide a smooth ride and absorb shocks, flexing to pass over small objects or obstacles. Flat Free wheels deliver puncture proof reassurance for work areas with lots of sharp objects . Wider wheels offer greater stability, making heavier loads more manageable, go over bumps better and are less likely to dig in on soft or loose ground.”


Thick walled (4 ply) tyres are recommended for better puncture resistance.

Flat Free Wheel Assemblies feature a solid polyurethane tyre with Heavy Duty Steel Rim. They are puncture resistant and a great new alternative to a traditional pneumatic tyre.

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